Young Adults

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Welcome to WBC’s Young Adult Community! Here are some ways you can
get connected and find upcoming events such as game nights, holiday
parties, movie nights and more!

Whether you are a college student, a graduate and professional, or a young married couple, our Young Adult ministry has something for you.

Weekly Connect Opportunities
Sundays at 10:30 Am - Weekly Worship

We have a section in the balcony, second section from the right (facing the stage) during the 10:30 AM service if you’d like to come sit with us! After church, a group of us usually go out to lunch after, this is an open-invite so please join!

THURSDAYS at 6:30 pm - Small Group

Small Group is on Thursday Nights @ 6:30 PM at Wheaton Bible Church in the East Fellowship Center. Enter through the gym entrance (door N8), and turn right. (main entrance doors will be locked) **Please note there are no Small Groups the week of the 3rd Friday of each month in light of our worship night :)

Monthly Connect Opportunities
WorShip Night / Fellowship Night

This is a night to connect, sing, pray and reflect on God’s word. On the 3rd Friday of each month we meet @ 6:15 PM at WBC in the Warehouse (the high school ministry room downstairs).

Monthly Events

These events will vary on location and dates, you can stay connected on what’s happening next through email or below are some other places you can find upcoming events such as game nights, holiday parties, movie nights.

Opportunities to Serve the Larger Body

We believe young adults want to change the world with their contribution not in their consumption. One of the ways we want to steward this passion is involving young adults in ministry and service to the church. 


Ways To Connect and Receive Updates
Email - Join the email list for regular updates on Young Adults Events; email
Instagram - wbc_youngadults



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