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Bringing Hope to Vulnerable Children in Jesus' Name September 18, 2018 by Wheaton Bible Church

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Bringing HOPE to Vulnerable Children in Jesus’ Name

Thanks to your faithful giving, our church is extending hope to hundreds of vulnerable children every day—many of them orphaned—in Central America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. As a church family, we are also investing in the lives of children in the communities around us, including many of us who have taken vulnerable children into our homes.
As our church prepares to host a major Chicago area conference for foster and adoptive parents, we want to focus on our global and local efforts to fulfill the mandate of Isaiah 1, verse 17:

“Take up the cause of the fatherless.”

Kids Alive DR, headed up by our missionaries Vic and Leslie Trautwein, is bringing hope to more than 2,100 children and youth through seven schools and three orphanages.
The stories of transformation are incredible! Over 70 of the youth rescued over the past sixteen years are now studying in college and many are young leaders in their families, communities, and local churches. In 2019, another GO Team from WBC will travel to work with Kids Alive to strengthen its impact.

Over the past fifteen years, our missionaries Philip and Jill Aspegren have placed over 700 Costa Rican children—boys and girls who had no place to sleep at night—with local church families who opened their homes. In a country with no viable foster care model, Casa Viva (the ministry the Aspegrens founded) is broadening care alternatives for children—including foster care by local Christian families, reunifying biological families, and in-country adoption.

Renate Kurz,
our missionary in Ukraine, founded Little Lambs to bring hope to abandoned children in the former Soviet Union. The heart of their outreach began with Summer Camps for orphanages, but now includes supporting and resourcing Christian foster families who have taken orphans into their homes. There is little support for foster families in Ukraine, so Little Lambs has stepped into this void to help orphaned children grow up in a Christian home.

In 2002, Josephine Kiarii, our partner in Kenya, began a feeding program for a few AIDS orphans at her local church. With the help of Wheaton Bible Church, the Hope for Life Center was built in Nakuru to reach out to vulnerable children who have lost parents. Today that center encompasses holistic care for nearly 120 children at risk, a vocational training program for older siblings, a clinic, and support for those with HIV/AIDS.

Many in our church family have already opened their hearts and homes for foster care and adoption, are mentoring children through Big Buddies, volunteering in our Puente del Pueblo after-school programs in West Chicago, or have become “Safe Families,” providing a safe and loving home for children at risk while their families re-stabilize or deal with a crisis. We thank God for you!

You, too, can have a part!

  • Pray for our missionaries who are passionate about reaching orphans and at-risk children with compassion and the Gospel. 
  • Explore a GO Team in 2019, where you can serve alongside our missionaries who are bringing hope to vulnerable children. Details coming late October! 
  • Consider being a volunteer at Puente del Pueblo, Crossroads (Tri-Village outreach), or through Outreach Community Ministries’ Big Buddies program. 
  • Join the nearly twenty families in our church who have become “Safe Families”!
  • If you are or know a foster or adoptive family, check out the Refresh Chicago conference being hosted at WBC, October 5-6 ( We are honored to be the host site for this valuable conference, featuring former Compassion president Wess Stafford as keynote speaker!

For more information about Local Outreach, contact Joel Duncan. For information about Global Outreach and GO Teams, contact Jan Sokoloski.

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