Doesn’t science disprove God?

Wheaton Bible Church | January 10, 2019

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Science provides many answers. But, as it is bound to the material world, it cannot satisfy all of our questions.

Science has proved itself an invaluable tool, increasing our knowledge of the way things work, improving our health, and helping us solve the world’s problems. Daily there are new scientific breakthroughs.

Unfortunately, science is limited. The scientific process is confined to the natural (or material) world—what we can observe with our five senses in the here and now. Would we use a telescope to observe the patterns of history? Would we apply the Laws of Thermodynamics for a better understanding of Shakespeare?

What science has done is show the astonishingly intricate and complex inner workings of organisms. It has proven that without certain, defined rules held in perfect order, neither the universe nor anything it contains would be able to exist. Scientific theorists have provided us with the foundation to ask bigger and better questions—and some have even made an argument for intelligent design. Far from disproving the existence of God, science has underscored the need for us to ask these questions and to seek appropriate tools to equip us in our search for him.


  1. Based on your own experience, what do you sense is true about the spiritual realm? Do you believe you have a spirit? Why or why not?
  2. If science is limited to the realm of the physical, how might you gain further knowledge and understanding about spirituality or about God himself?


One of the main ways Christians are taught to seek further knowledge of God and themselves is through prayer. Consider praying through your questions before God this week. Take note of what you learn and experience through this practice.

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Over the next seven weeks, we will be sharing a series of questions frequently asked by those who are seeking to learn more about God. These are questions you, too, may wonder about, and they are also questions that you might be asked by others. These question-based devotionals will continue throughout the Explore God message series. 

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