Are we a product of chance or blind evolution?

Wheaton Bible Church | January 18, 2019


Our origins boil down to two options: we are either the result of an impersonal, random process or the intentional work of a personal force.

A mom walks into a room recently vacated by her eight-year-old son and is stunned into silence. Recovering, she yells, “Tommy! Get in here right now!” Her son runs in, motivated by her tone. “Look at this mess!” she sputters. “Who is responsible for this disaster?”

A mischievous grin appears on Tommy’s face, and he tries out some new vocabulary: “It must have happened by coincidence when nobody was in the room!” Do you imagine that argument held any water with his mother? Absolutely not. He tries a new tactic: “It must have just happened a little bit every day this week while I was at school!” Met with grim silence.

An hour later, after much toil and care, little Tommy comes bursting out of his room. “Mommy! Come and see!” With trepidation, his mother pops her head into the room. She is once again stunned, but for the opposite reason. Tommy has brought “picking up his room” to a whole new level.

A mischievous grin appears on her face, and she gently tickles her son, saying, “Huh, you came back inside and now your room is all clean, tidy, and ordered. What a coincidence!”


  1. What strikes you about the story above?
  2. What is the nature of a “coincidence”? Why do we use that term?


Right now, look around you. List any signs of intention and personhood in the details you observe in the room or setting.


As we continue our Explore God series on Sundays, during the week we’ll be looking at one of the questions most-frequently asked by those who are seeking to learn more about God. These are questions you, too, may wonder about, and they are also questions that you might be asked by others. These question-based devotionals will continue throughout the Explore God message series. 

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