Mid-July, 2022

For over two decades, WBC has sent GO Teams to the Whitefish River First Nation Community on Manitoulin Island. While we are not sending a full GO Team this summer, leaders Greg and Beth Froese will take a small team of “veteran” Canada GO Team members to spend time with families in the community as we continue to cultivate relationships, learn from tribe members, and share God’s love and His Word. This trip will not include official programming. Rather it will be unscripted time to reconnect with our many friends among the First Nations peoples and pave the way for a larger team in 2023. 

For information, contact Greg Froese at gregfroese1@gmail.com or Beth Froese at bethfroese@gmail.com.

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July 10-16, 2022

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Beth and Greg Froese

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Wheaton Bible Church

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