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NBC is a fun & relational way for you to share the Gospel with kids! Invite a few families in your neighborhood to come to your yard for 3 days of games, crafts, and stories about Jesus. Our Kids’ Life staff makes it simple for you by providing the materials and support you need to host a club.

To learn more, contact Nancy Swider.

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Guide to Hosting

Important information for our Neighborhood Bible Club hosts:

Choose a week when you will host your club and with whom

Spouse? Friend? Neighbor? Let the Kids’ Life staff know your date and pray for the families you will invite.

Request digital copies of the Bible stories, craft instructions and games

Take a look at each day’s story and craft. This will give you a good idea of what will happen day to day.

Plan your club’s schedule

Clubs are between sixty to ninety minutes and can be held whenever it is convenient for you and your family: morning, afternoon, or evening!

  • There are four elements of club that will happen each day: Bible story, craft, game(s), and songs.
Pick up invitations from the Kids’ Life staff and choose a date to pass them out

Clubs will not be publicized to other families in the church or community. They are by invitation only so you can focus on connecting with families in your neighborhood.

Look through the Game Guide

Think of the ages of kids who will be at your club. What games would be fun and appropriate for them to play? You’ll want one or two each day, totaling 20 minutes.

  • Are there materials or supplies you already have around the house that you can use for games?
  • Consider planning a water games day!
Begin learning the theme song and verse songs
  • You’ll need a speaker to play them through.
  • You may want to start your club on the first day by introducing the theme song.
  • Sing the theme song each day along with the verse for the day
Pick up materials and supplies from THE Kids’ Life TEAM

For your ease and convenience, materials and supplies will be provided.

  • Make a sample craft for each day. This will help you to be prepared to lead the kids through the steps for each craft, as well as give you a sample to show the kids what they’ll be making.
  • Ask families to have kids bring water bottles or have a cooler of water and cups available for kids to get a drink after game time.
  • Have a blanket for kids to sit on or ask them to bring a beach towel.
  • Have a rain plan. Where will children go if it rains? Defer to another day?

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Contact our team for guidance on how your unique gifts can help serve your church, the community, and the world!

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