1 day. 4 hours. 1000+ volunteers.

We want to be neighbors that are intentional about serving our neighbors. And each year in the late spring more than 1,000 people from Wheaton Bible Church and DuPage County father to serve together at 40+ locations to clean, paint, organize repair, and landscape. With the goal to build bridges of love and compassion into the community, CareFest volunteers give their time and skills to help with all types of projects including at schools, not-for-profits, local ministry partners, and homes in need of care or repair.

CareFest is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill Jesus' command to serve one another. And by serving in our neighborhoods, we get to see and learn firsthand about our community and communicate that we love and care about the wellbeing of our neighbors.

Our next CareFest is scheduled for May 2019. Check back for more details.

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