Adoption, Foster Care & Safe Families

Do you have a heart for vulnerable children? So does God. So do we. Join us as we connect and encourage people who want to reach out to the vulnerable child through adoption, foster care, and through the Safe Families ministry.

Part support community and part volunteer opportunity, we seek to care for children and their families at all points of the journey.

Before government agencies are involved: Safe Families.

When a parent is in crisis and has nowhere else to turn, we can be a support to them and help them care for their children. By hosting these vulnerable children temporarily, we can provide an extended family environment to keep children safe while their parent deals with the crisis. Once the situation is stabilized, the parent and the child are reunited, secure in the knowledge that the child was lovingly cared for the whole time. 

So what would you do?

You could volunteer to host children, or you could provide food, clothes, babysitting, solidarity, and other types of care for the host family that is caring for the child.

Questions or ready to sign up? Contact Local Outreach Assistant Chelsea Kesavadhana Carrillo or Local Outreach Director Joel Duncan.

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After the government is involved: Fostering and Adoption

Do you foster children? Have you adopted? We meet together monthly for support and connection, encouragement and sometimes training/problem solving. We also want to encourage you to join us as we attend the Refresh Conference. It is October 24-26, 2019 and is hosted at Community Christian Church in Naperville.


For the Foster and Adoption community, contact Joel Duncan,

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