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In every corner of the world, God is at work. If you'd like to be a part of seeing God's Kingdom work in another cultural setting—while using the gifts, talents, and skills you have to offer—we invite you to explore a one-to-two-week GO Team. 

Each year, eight to ten short-term missions trips are formed to meet the specific needs of our 90+ missionaries and partners. These global adventures allow us to help our own global workers who are already strategically placed, culturally aware, and on the ground advancing God's Kingdom. 

Come walk alongside our missionaries and partners where they serve around the world!



By joining a one or two-week short-term GO Team, you have the opportunity to serve alongside our missionaries and partners in the joyful task of reaching around the globe with the Good News of redemption and reconciliation. While some teams may require a certain skill set, most only require an open heart and a willingness to say, "Send me!" Could God be calling you to one of these destinations?

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January 18–25, 2020

Serving alongside WBC missionaries Mike and Peggy Lowe, this six-to-twelve-member construction team will assist with the completion of two new classrooms at Juntos Podemos in Panama City before school starts at the end of February. Last year, our GO Team did demolition in preparation for the new classrooms, so this will build on their work and the work of other teams assisting the Lowes. The school was started by Crossroads Church in one of the poorest neighborhoods to help offer hope and a quality education in Jesus’ name. There will be additional projects as well, so we need team members who can do concrete work, electrical, painting, drywall, and/or taping. There may also be welding and plumbing tasks. All these skills will be put to good use.

Approximate Cost: $1,500

Application Deadline: January 1



January 23-31, 2020

Traveling to this distant land, so rich in culture, our India GO Team will focus on orphan care and student ministry as they serve with the Gilgal Gospel Mission. Continuing the work of young adult teams from our church who have served in Chennai several times since 2013, this team will assist the mission in a variety of work projects at their headquarters and nearby church plants. Men and women who apply should be able-bodied and capable of lifting up to twenty-five pounds. See firsthand how God is working in a culture that is very different from our own. An adventurous spirit is a must! 

Approximate Cost: $2,000

Application Deadline: December 1



January 24–February 6, 2020 

Wheaton Bible Church missionaries Scott and Barb Harbert and Josephine Kiarii will host this GO Team as they serve alongside our African partners in Nakuru. During this two-week trip, the team will spend time in the community with children and adults, be welcomed into Kenyan homes, learn about and participate in community development projects, and visit local churches. Those who join this team will experience how communities are being transformed in this beautiful part of Africa. 

Approximate Cost: $2,400

Application Deadline: November 15



May 14–17, 2020 

Join WBC members Dan and Marylin Bostrom on this “long-weekend” service opportunity through Lifeline Global Ministries. This team will help to facilitate the Returning Hearts Celebration at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, an event that unites children and their incarcerated fathers for an unforgettable day of games, food, relationship-building, and Bible teaching. For one day each year, these fathers can openly interact with their children, and most importantly, be given the chance to discuss Christ’s love as a family. Join in blessing these families during this special occasion.

Approximate Cost: $700 plus travel costs

Application Deadline: March 9



June 16–23, 2020

Don’t miss this opportunity to serve and learn from the amazing children and communities of the DR!  On this trip with a sports focus, we will work alongside our missionary Kelsey (Graham) Miller in Santiago with GO Ministries in Santiago. This team will consist of adults, as well as parents/grandparents bringing their junior high or high school students. Based on the makeup of the team, our time will concentrate on a specific area of sports (baseball, basketball, and/or soccer)—plus be involved in English classes and community projects. Many talents can be used from both our English and Spanish-speaking congregations.

Approximate Cost: $1,800

Application Deadline: April 1



July 11-19, 2020

For over two decades, WBC has sent GO Teams to the Whitefish River First Nation Community on Manitoulin Island.  In July, our Canada GO Team will once again spend time with families in the community as we continue to cultivate relationships, learn from tribe members, and share God’s love and His Word in this outreach to First Nations peoples. Reach many demographics through hosting Neighborhood Bible Clubs, providing festive family events, assisting with outreach to teens, and leading women’s craft groups. Families welcome!

Approximate Cost: $1,850 for families; $650 for singles

Application Deadline: April 15


July 18-28, 2020

In 2019, members of our church joined WBC’s Egyptian partners in reaching out among fellow Arabic speakers in Germany.Many were receptive to spiritual conversations--and hundreds welcomed a copy of the New Testament in their own language! Join Global Pastor Bill Oberlin as we again serve alongside our colleagues from the Middle East, as well as local German churches and believers, to extend the warmth and message of Jesus to others. Friendliness, conversation skills, and appreciation for other cultures are key!

Approximate Cost: $2,400
Application Deadline: April 1



July 25-August 2, 2020

Working alongside WBC missionaries Marek and Julie Hancik, this six to eight-person team will lead a five-day English camp for teens ages 12 to 18 from the town where the Hanciks serve located 100 miles southeast of Prague. Teaching activities will be based on three English skill levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and offer a “summer camp” ESL curriculum with interactive games, activities, and conversation. We are looking for team members experienced in working with teens in school settings, youth groups, or sports. It will be a plus if some of the team have experience working specifically with ESL learners.

Approximate Cost:  $2,000

Application Deadline:  April 1



October, 2020

Each year, Thrive Ministry holds retreat at four-star resorts on several continents, providing women missionaries with an opportunity to get away from their mission field for a time of encouragement and pampering.  This all-female GO Team will help provide spiritual and physical renewal to women missionaries, many of whom are working in difficult parts of the world. Encouragers, hairstylists, counselors, massage therapists, and good listeners welcome!

Approximate Cost:  $3,800

Application Deadline:  TBD

Thrive offers three international retreats and one Colorado retreat for missionaries each year. Our Global Outreach staff can facilitate your involvement at any of these retreats.



Interested in a short- or mid-term mission opportunity to a place or for a time period other than slated for our GO Teams?  If so, we want to hear from you!  We know of many other opportunities to support our missionaries and partners, and we want to encourage you in your cross-cultural service or exploration.  Check back often for opportunities we will post here.



To apply for a GO Team, pick up a printed application in the Global Outreach or click below to download an application for First-Time GO Team Members or Veteran GO Team Members.

Please note that additional trips may be added throughout the year. Information about new teams will be posted here and in the Global Outreach Center as details become available.

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