Global Partners

Reaching the world has always been part of the DNA of Wheaton Bible Church. Here’s an overview of the dimensions our church’s growing global engagement, which increasingly includes support of strategic global partners in hard-to-reach places.

Since 1929: Sending Career Missionaries

Since our founding, WBC has sent nearly 500 missionaries to the nations. Today, nearly 90 singles and families serve in about 40 countries to lift up Christ and address various dimensions of human need.

Since the 1980s: Sending Short-term Teams

For more than three decades, short-term teams have bolstered the on-field work of our missionaries through one- to two-week missions trips.

Since 1994: Launching Global Initiatives

A major initiative serving those affected by AIDS in Kenya—now known as HOPE[KENYA]—was followed in 2009 by MOVE—WBC ambassadors reaching Muslim immigrants in Europe.

Since 2015: Supporting Global Partners

These national leaders facilitate our commitment to reach those in the world’s most difficult and dangerous places, including the Middle East. These partners (individuals and organizations) go places we cannot go, extending the Gospel through creative means.

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