Injustice, poverty, broken families, disease—these are daily reminders that we live in a hurting world that is lost in sin and evil. But God is on a mission to redeem lost and hurting people. In fact, the Bible tells us that one day redeemed people from every ethnic group on earth will worship Him. While we wait for this day, we believe the job of every follower of Jesus is to join in His mission to reach the world with His love and the message of redemption.

This is why our Global Outreach ministry works to help every man, woman, and child at Wheaton Bible Church discover his or her role in this global mission of God.

For its entire history, Wheaton Bible Church has been a “sending church,” training, sending, and supporting missionaries in countries around the world. Today we support more than 90 missionary families and singles serving in 40 countries in a wide variety of roles, as well as being involved in mission initiatives like HOPE[Kenya] and MOVE. We also work closely with mission partners around the world, and regularly send GO Teams on one- to two-week trips that connect the people of our church with specific needs raised by our partner missionaries and ministries.

Take time to learn more about our many missionaries, GO Team opportunities, MOVE and Hope[KENYA} initiatives, and global partners—to discover how you might get involved.

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