Are you ready to connect into community at Wheaton Bible Church? We believe that people grow best when they are connected in small groups to study God's Word, to pray and care for one another. We invite you join us for Begin in the Visitor Center on Sunday mornings. During this informal gathering, you will meet staff members, connect with new people, and get to know the mission God has called us to: love God, grow together, and reach the world.

For questions or more information, contact Rhonda Ford, Group Life Coordinator, 630.876.6610.

Learning More About What We Do

Love God.
What has God called us to in the brief time we have here on Earth? The Bible tells us that our primary calling is to love Him. That’s a tall order. How do we, as finite beings, love an infinite God? At Begin, you’ll hear about three ways we can connect with a Holy God as a church and as individuals at home.

Grow Together.
The church brings together people from all different backgrounds and unites us with a central love for Christ. By examining the example of the first century church, we can see how to live out our common faith in community with others—and you’ll learn about specific places you can connect in to community right away.

Reach the World.
God is a compassionate God. Christ demonstrated the heart of God by giving His life for us on the cross. The Bible tells us that we are to emulate Christ by giving our life up for others. At Begin, you’ll join in a discussion of ways we can share and show the good news of Jesus Christ through service to others—and hear about service opportunities on our campus and across DuPage County.

Connect With Us