Alpha is a great place to explore God and the meaning of life from a Christian perspective. The program has been enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

In a fun and relaxed setting, Alpha starts each week with a meal together, followed by a talk on a key Christian thought and open discussion about topics like: Why am I experiencing this difficulty? Where is God? Is there really a heaven and hell? What happens after death? Can God guide my life?  What is Christianity all about? 

For ten weeks you will seek answers to life’s most important questions.

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Kids ⚓ Crew (6 weeks through 6th grade)

If you have children (6 weeks through 6th grade), they can have fun in our Kids Crew program while you participate in your class.  Kids Crew is a safe, fun, and caring place for kids to gain a biblical perspective on life's hurts and disappointments, anchoring them in Christ.

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