New Commandment Team

In I Timothy 5 and other places throughout Scripture, God instructs His church to have a ministry to widows, especially those in the church family. In response to that teaching, the New Commandment Team:

  • Helps widows (and single moms) with projects around their homes when they do not have the ability to do the project and do not have the means to pay for handymen or others to do the work. Projects like painting a room, yard work, some light electrical or plumbing type work are usually completed on Saturday mornings.
  • Helps play an advisory role for widows (single moms) who do not have someone else to play the role of a trusted advisor.

If you are a widow or single mom who falls into either of these situations, we want to help you. Please fill out the below form to begin the process.

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Team Members Needed

We need people who are ready and willing to help with these projects as the need arises, as well as those who are willing to play an advisory role. If you have a heart to help and are willing to serve in this way, please fill in our volunteer form below.


You may also contact Bill Brown, bbrown@wheatonbible.org.

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