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One of the values of Wheaton Bible Church is that we exist to send and be sent. In the Great Commission (Matthew 28) Jesus commands us, “Therefore go and make disciples”. It is the calling of everyone who calls Jesus Lord. But that word “go” doesn’t always mean to leave someplace and go somewhere else. In Greek that word “go” more accurately means “as you are going”. We should go with the intention of introducing people to Jesus.

Jesus continues the Great Commission with the command of where we ought to go: to Jerusalem (the home town), Judea and Samaria (the surrounding region), and the uttermost ends of the world (far places). So, what does it look like for students to join in the Great Commission?

Junior High GO Team— June 16-21, $350
Expeditions Unlimited, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Students entering 7th and 8th grades are encouraged to join us for Equip Week—a week-long experience geared toward equipping students to become disciple-makers in their “hometowns” among their friends, schoolmates, teams, squads, and in their unique world. Students will spend a week learning what it means to live missionally; to intentionally share the Gospel with their friends, and practice what they’re learning in various service projects throughout the week. These may include serving in retirement communities, soup kitchens, and continuing to partner with Micah 6:8 (a ministry we have served in the past). They will also participate in team-building and leadership equipping activities such as high ropes courses, low ropes and team challenges and (weather permitting) a canoe trip with a night spent on a sand bar. All of this will be under the direction and supervision of Expedition Unlimited certified and trained staff. It will be a faith changing week!

High School GO Team— June 23-29, $475
City Service Mission, Chicago

High school students will go to the surrounding “region” through domestic mission experiences and introducing them to the idea of a broader mission field. This year we will be partnering with CSM and the Salvation Army Church in La Vallita. This summer, our students will experience a Chicago learn about Chicago, and help Chicago through children’s ministry, VBS camps, homeless shelters, men’s and women’s shelters, and soup kitchens. Students will experience what healthy missions are all about through an immersive missional experience introducing them to different cultures from around the world without having to travel across the globe. We believe that after our Go Team, students and leaders will come home with a renewed sense of how God is moving in the Windy City.

Both experiences will prepare students to participate in one of the international GO Teams when you feel they are ready for an “uttermost ends of the world experience.”



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