Parents, you have an amazing job—to disciple the next generation—and we are here to help.

Wheaton Bible Church loves kids and students! We want to partner with you at home and in the church—in daily discipleship and in worship—to challenge your family to live and grow in the truth of God’s Word. We do this by helping to equip you as a parent in the following ways:


We regularly provide opportunities to inspire, equip, and encourage parents in their role in the discipling of their children—helping you identify daily discipleship and worship opportunities, and to make prayer a priority in your home.

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Kids’ Life and Student Life Ministries

These strategically planned ministries for kids and students are designed to work in partnership with parents to help your sons and daughters grow in their faith as followers of Christ and see the world from a biblical perspective. These ministries include Sunday morning classes for kids and students, infants through Junior High and programs for children and students with special needs, as well as midweek programs and Life Groups for students in grades 5 through 12. High School students are encouraged to join the church family in worship on Sundays.

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