Discover marriage at its best! We believe that every marriage is meant to be enjoyable, fulfilling, and energizing.

If you can't say that about your marriage, then there must be room for improvement. Whether you rate your marriage a 2 or an 8, with some intentional effort, it could be better. Have you lost the connection you once had?  Re|Engage is here to help!

  • Find hope and the tools needed to set the stage for change in your relationship.
  • Learn from couples who have seen victory in the midst of hard times.
  • Benefit from practical teaching and small group interaction.
  • Discover a safe place to invest in your relationship with other couples who are seeking the same thing.
  • Come check it out!


Mondays, 6:30pm in the Chapel. You can start any week.

Monday Night Kids:

Children (infants through 8th grade) will have fun as they learn a biblical perspective on life's hurts and disappointments. Your children can participate while you are checking out Re|Engage and then on an on-going basis if you decide to commit to a group. Register your children and learn more.

Questions? Contact Becky Anderson, Associate Director, Marriage.

What participants are saying:

"Re|Engage has helped me take the focus off my husband as my source and placed it back on God." –Re|Engage Participant

"The best part of Re|Engage? Dialoguing with my wife and rediscovering our friendship." –Re|Engage Participant

"I have come to better understand what marriage is and what God intends from us. Love and grace are both necessary." –Re|Engage Participant

"Re|Engage has education of truth, grace, forgiveness, and communication as God works in my marriage." –Re|Engage Participant

"We loved the community experience of many couples coming together to work on and improve their marriages." –Re|Engage Participant

"Re|Engage has helped me see how I contribute to the problems in my marriage. It has also given us many tools to help deal with issues that cause conflicts." –Re|Engage Participant

"Outside of getting married, tonight was the most beautiful moment in 21 years." –Re|Engage Participant

"When we became more loving towards each other we saw a difference in our daughter becoming more loving towards other people. It has changed everyone." –Re|Engage Participant

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The Stories of Re|Engage:

Nick & Rachel

Jesse & Yadira

Steve & Michelle

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