Gotham Fellowship

Are you someone who loves to read and think deeply about how to connect your faith with all areas of life, including your daily work? Would you like to grow as a leader? Do you long to explore what good works God created you to do—in both your personal and public life? Gotham Fellowship offers you a place and an opportunity to do that. 

Gotham Fellowship is a nine-month intensive training program designed to equip primarily 20 & 30-something men and women for Gospel leadership in their workplaces and beyond. Primarily offering content in the areas of leadership development, theological training, and spiritual and personal development, this class offers:

Leadership Development:
This program helps you identify your unique skills, vision, and calling—in order to equip you to positively impact and influence those around you, including those in your workplace and community.

Theological Training:
At the core of our program is the commitment to consider how the Gospel impacts every area of life. We develop a worldview that draws from the deep resources of the Reformed tradition and is sufficiently robust to engage the diverse and complex culture of the Chicagoland area.

Spiritual and Personal Development:
The Fellowship fosters personal, spiritual, and professional development through daily devotions and relationships with pastoral leaders and mentors from the congregation.

Community Reform
The Fellowship is a community of peers, from diverse backgrounds and vocations, who are committed to one another's spiritual growth and calling to serve the "common good of the city."

Gotham is a serious undertaking, and those accepted will be required to make a large commitment of time, including a significant amount of reading similar to a graduate school class. Across the span of two semesters you will complete reading and engage in rich, weekly processing discussions. Three retreats and six Saturday sessions with outside speakers offer content designed to enhance and grow community, provide personal spiritual formation opportunities, examples of faith and work integration, as well as experiences and discussions around justice, art, innovation, and more.

Benefits to the Fellows

  • Increased Gospel worldview depth and sustainability
  • Development of a defined sense of mission for early career and beyond
  • Career advice and counseling from successful leaders in their field
  • Development of a strategy for cultural renewal
  • Opportunity to learn from experienced Christian leaders
  • Exposure to arts, cultural events, mercy/justice outreaches
  • Relationships with instructors, mentors, and speakers
  • Community-based learning, and the opportunity to build deep spiritual friendships within your co-hort


September—May (some pre-reading required)


(This cost includes three retreats, six Saturday sessions with special speakers, and access to a learning portal and reading plans/materials for weekly meetings. You must also buy some additional books.) *Subject to change for 2018-2019

Application Process

The application process for 2018-2019 will begin in April 2018! 

If interested or desire more information, please contact Mark Irvin, 630.876.6672 or Becky Anderson, 630.876.6602, or fill in the interest form and someone from our team will get back to you. 

2018-2019 Gotham Fellowship Interest Form

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