Adult Communities

Our Adult Communities are mid-sized groups which meet on Sunday mornings. These gatherings are recommended as an addition to attending a Sunday worship service—for those who want to find community in a smaller setting. All our Adult Communities welcome people of all ages, married or single, however, we've found that many people enjoy connecting and growing alongside those who are at a similar life stage, facing common life challenges. No registration needed, just show up.  

Questions? Contact Donna Stone, 630.876.6637.  

Adults/Young Families

10:30 am in Upper 239
Contact: Grant and Anne Garnett

Growing Adults/Student-Age Children

10:30 am in Lower 50/52
Contact: Greg and Beth Froese

9:00 am in Lower 50/52
Contact: Joe Noxon or Keith Burton

Adults/Growing Families

10:30 am in Lower 51
Contact: Mark Greenwood

10:30 am in Upper 236
Contact: John Foos
(for parents of children with special needs)

Adults/Empty Nesters

9:00am in Auditorium B
Contact: Mike Feltz

10:30am in Lower 46
Contact: Marcia Kennedy

Maturing Adults

Community for Christ
10:30 am in Lower 55
Contact: Jim Hauser and Tim Botts


10:30 in the Chapel
Contact: Joe Bean

Adults of All Ages

9:00 am in Lower 46
Contact: Sam and Anna Movido
(Everyone is welcome to this mostly Filipino gathering)

10:30 am in Lower 54
Contact: Jonathan Volle


Woman to Woman

10:30 am in Lower 57

Contact: Lynda Deans


Ethnic-Affinity Communities

Arabic-English Fellowship

Meets every other week, 12:00 pm in Lower 57

Contact: Pastor Bill Oberlin


French African Community
Meets weekly, 12:00 pm in Lower 55
Contact: Pastor Bill Oberlin or Kaniki Muteba 


Khmer Christian Fellowship
Meets weekly, 10:30 am in Lower 56
Contact: Pastor Bill Oberlin or Sam Or 

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