Imagine doing life together with a circle of friends who know and care about each other, as you pursue God's purpose in your lives. Envision a safe place where you're encouraged to apply God's Word to your daily life—as you challenge others to do the same. And picture this taking place within our church, as we connect in a common mission—becoming known for our love of God, each other, and those still far from Him. 

Sound improbable? It's not. Because it's exactly the way God created us to live. And it's a picture of the Church as God intends it to be.

Take a moment right now to learn more about Life Groups—our recommended path to connection and community here at Wheaton Bible Church. We also offer Adult Communities on Sunday mornings where you can meet and can get to know more people in a mid-sized group and a wide variety of Bible Studies for men and women throughout the week. Still exploring Christianity? Click here to learn more about Alpha—a safe and relaxed place to ask questions and discuss the basics of Christian faith. 

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