What is a Community Group?

We are families (and family) of missionaries called to reorient our lives around the gospel and the mission of God. This is the mobilization of all believers in the mission of God in their own context through the proclamation and practice.

What is Community Group like?

Because we have been called to re-orient our lives around the gospel and the mission of God, we want to be ambassadors of the kingdom of God by serving as agents of reconciliation in our communities for the glory of God and the establishment of His kingdom.

We will devote ourselves to preserve (Acts 2:42):

-       The apostle’s teaching (Application of the Gospel)

-       Fellowship with one another (Hospitality, spiritual gifts, friendship)

-       Breaking of bread (Worship)

-       Prayer (Confession, repentance, petition) 

We understand that the mission of God has a personal restoration aspect (Jer. 29:11), but also includes seeking the welfare of the city (v.7). We pursue to be a blessing to our communities by serving and bringing God’s Shalom to them.

Lastly, we want to intentionally pursue numeric growth, since this entails the multiplication of disciples. We clearly understand that Community Groups are not church services, but ideal spaces to grow in discipleship (Mat. 16:16).

Why Community Groups?

We believe that the dynamics of the kingdom and the implications of the gospel are lived in the context of community. We look to show the love of God to the world in the message of the gospel by extending the same grace to one another that we have received from God (Mat. 10:8).  We seek to remind one another of the gospel and to create a community shaped and defined by the Good News.

For more information, contact Carlos Ludena, Mission Pastor, (630) 876-6614.

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