Maturing Adults Gathering December 13, 2018

The Message and Music of Christmas

Featuring keyboard artist Michael Thompson

All are welcome as we enjoy the beautiful music of Christmas in a celebration of Christ’s birth led by pianist and recording artist Michael Thompson. We look forward to an evening of music and mediations that reflect on the birth of that baby, born in a lowly manger—and how His birth changed everything for all mankind.

In addition to his keyboard artistry, Michael is also the worship leader at a local church, and is the founder and executive director of OneWay Ministries (, an organization with a mission to “help everyday people reach people.” OneWay’s dual focus is on the multitudes of unreached people in our world and the untapped potential of the Church to reach them.

After graduating from Wheaton College, Michael and his wife, Rachel, served as missionaries in Ghana for two years—and it was that time in Ghana that shaped Michael’s passion for activating God’s people to advance the Gospel to the multitudes, a dream he pursued by founding OneWay Ministries in 2000.

We’re looking forward to Michael’s music and the insights he’ll share with us this Christmas season. We hope you’ll be part of our Christmas dinner and program event—and please bring family and friends to hear and enjoy.

Tickets are available for $10 through some Adult Classes, at the Information Desk, or by calling Joan Darnauer or Annabel Garza at 630.260.1600. Tickets must be purchased by noon Tuesday, December 11. Ticket price covers the cost of the meal and the program.

Event Details

Day: Thursday, December 13, 2018
Time: 5:30 pm
Contact: Judi Gillison

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