Hope of the World

by Melissa Duncan on August 07, 2020

It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to bring back the preserved of Israel; I will make you as a light for the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.                                                                                  — Isaiah 49:6

As we close this week and complete our reflection on the hope we have as believers, let’s consider what it means for the Church—a collective body and the beloved bride of Christ—to offer the hope we have to the rest of the world. We are deeply and personally loved, but sometimes we forget that salvation was not given to us for our personal sanctification alone. The hope we’ve been given is not merely to comfort ourselves.

On Monday we read about Abraham’s call. Further in the chapter we discover that from the very beginning God told Abraham, I am choosing you, blessing you, and calling you—so that you can be a blessing to the rest of the world. And so the church exists today, not only to edify ourselves, but as a light and a blessing to the rest of the world. Everything we’ve learned this week about our hope in Christ was given so that we can share our hope with others. As believers we are called to demonstrate how God shows up in the wilderness, to nurture and speak gently to our brothers and sisters struggling with depression, and to be part of God’s work that liberates the oppressed and restores the broken to Him. The kingdom of God is here among us, and we are called to be part of that kingdom work, bringing to fruition God’s vision for a better life and a better community.

Believer, how are you bringing hope to our world? While our country divides over the pandemic, politics, racism, and anything else the enemy throws our way, will yours be a voice that promotes hope? We’ve been shown how to live in a humble, grace-led community that puts others first, rooted in expectation of both our present and future hope in Christ. Our salvation cannot be found in political gains, medical cures, or government commitments. These things do not have the power to save and will never bring lasting change to our broken world.

As believers we must remember that we are citizens of a different kingdom and the only hope of the world. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Christ is Lord. Every nation, tongue, tribe, and people, made complete, worshiping the holy God in true unity. This is what awaits us. For this, we hope—and our hope will not disappoint us.

Questions for reflection and discussion: How do you join in the body of Christ to bring hope to the world? How does God use His blessing upon you to bless others?


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