Volunteer this summer with Puente del Pueblo!

by Chelsea Carrillo on May 27, 2020

Our Puente Summer Program is an awesome opportunity to mentor students of all grades.

This program helps students succeed in school, learn important life skills, and have a lot of fun.

Volunteers that mentor students through the program are making a lasting difference in their academic and occupational opportunities. Starting July sixth, we’re planning to open the summer program with additional precautions outlined by Health Officials for COVID-19.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:


Zoom-Room Reading Tutors – able to read to one student at a time over Zoom. Tutor will be on-site, but won't share a room with their student.

Zoom-Room Extra-curricular Tutors – has a skill that is able to teach a student over Zoom – music, art, etc.Tutor will be on-site, but won't share a room with their student.

In-Person Tutor

No Contact Volunteers

Clerical Volunteer – able to help make photocopies, cut things out, etc.

Food Management Volunteer  – Help with organizing, counting, storing, and delivering the food for both Breakfast and Lunch.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Volunteers  – Help clean and sanitize areas throughout the day.

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