Greatness Defined

I Love Serving

Lon Allison August 6, 2017 Matthew 20

Lon Allison: Greatness Defined

I Love Serving

August 6, 2017

Many people aspire to greatness, and that included the disciples of Jesus Christ. But as Pastor Lon explains, the clear path He laid out for them in Matthew 20 was not what they were expecting. In fact, His words challenged the norms of their culture and every society that has followed—including our own.

Lon Allison

About Lon Allison

Lon Allison is Pastor of Teaching and Outreach at Wheaton Bible Church in the Chicago area. Lon is also an instructor and has taught Masters and doctoral evangelism courses at North Park Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Northern Seminary and is a visiting professor at Wheaton ...

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