Puente Del Pueblo

Reaching out in friendship and service to residents of the Timber Lake and Main Park Apartments in West Chicago is the mission of Puente del Pueblo. Puente del Pueblo provides opportunities for our Spanish- and English-speaking congregations to express God's grace, love, and justice to people in our neighborhood. Puente’s goal is to work with the community to foster change that benefits residents’ personal, family, and community lives by providing case management services for families, adult-literacy programming, and after-school programming for children and youth—and it is now the largest social service provider in West Chicago.

Summer Programs

June 19–August 11
Wheaton Bible Church Campus

During the summer months, elementary and middle school children from our Puente del Pueblo ministry in West Chicago join us for an eight-week, full-day summer academic enrichment program to help them succeed in school, explore a variety of fun extracurricular activities, and to learn important life skills.

We have space for 80 adults and teenagers to help jumpstart proficiency in reading, geography, and math; lead art and sports sessions; and shepherd faith development.

To learn more about the Puente summer program or to volunteer, contact Local Impact Volunteer Coordinator Chelsea Kesavadhana, 630.876.6684.

ESL Training

ESL (English as a Second Language)
Puente del Pueblo, in partnership with Literacy DuPage, equips volunteers to teach adults how to speak, read, and write in English. Upon completion of a twenty-hour ESL (English as a Second Language) training course, Puente’s volunteer ESL tutors are scheduled to meet every week for two hours in small groups (1:1 to 1:4) with adults in the community.

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Puente del Niño
Puente del Nino provides first through fifth-grade students with opportunities for academic improvement, skill building, positive relationships, structured recreational activities, a variety of extracurricular activities, and Christian education through:

  • Homework Assistance—Helping students understand their homework
  • Academic Skill Building—Activities designed to improve reading, writing, math, and spelling
  • Enrichment Opportunities—Sports, art class, Christian education and other activities provide opportunities to develop decision making skills, cooperate with others, choose positive behavior, and learn other life lessons.

Puente del Futuro
Puente del Futuro provides sixth- through eighth-grade students with opportunities for academic support, life-skills development, and discipleship.


Case Management
Case managers at Puente del Pueblo assist people struggling with life challenges, including financial issues, problems with public benefits, immigration issues, employment, and more.

Spanish Literacy
Many immigrants in West Chicago are not literate in their native language. Puente responds to this need by offering a Spanish Literacy program to affirm the God-given dignity of our immigrant community, to meet basic educational needs, and to facilitate future English learning.

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If you are interested in volunteering with Puente del Pueblo, click here to learn about our next session of Local Impact Training.

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