Hunger Team

We believe that God has called the Church to be His hands and feet—His presence—in our neighborhoods, throughout DuPage County, and around the world. We believe that we can and should do something for the hungry among us. We do this through our Hunger Team ministry, working in partnership with the Children’s Hunger Fund (learn more at

Responding to the question of why they do what they do, Children’s Hunger Fund has made this thought-providing statement: “It has been said that a person can live forty days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but only four seconds without hope. Hope restores faith to a life that has been robbed of dignity. Hope replaces a past of hunger, brokenness, and despair with a bright future of opportunity. It is hope [we seek] to restore.”

Our Hunger Team shares that goal as they deliver Food Paks—boxes that compassionate individuals and families have filled with nutritional food—directly into the homes of families who have indicated that they have a need. Each of our teams of volunteers are assigned a family to whom they take a box of food on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in joining our Hunger Team, click here to learn about our next session of Local Impact Training.

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