Wheaton Bible Church is grateful to God for our 90+ missionaries and global partners serving near and far in more than 40 countries on six continents.

We invite you to stop by our Global Outreach Center just off our Atrium to learn more about these global ambassadors, and their creative platforms for lifting up the Gospel. For more information, contact Jan Sokoloski, Global Outreach Associate, 630.876.6630.

Current Missionaries* Sent and Supported by Wheaton Bible Church:


Capp, Randy & Nancy design, publishing / education
Bible Society of Egypt

Duttweiler, Rod & Kathy leadership development
United World Mission—Cape Town, South Africa

Frey, Judy counseling, consulting, training
SIM – Nairobi, Kenya

Harbert, Scott & Barb pastoral renewal / community development
Africa Inland Mission—Nakuru, Kenya

Kiarii, Josephine  Hope for Life, community development training
Faith and Learning—Kenya

Morad, Steve & Sandy theological education, member care
Africa Inland Mission—Nairobi, Kenya

Morris, Bethany music education, youth discipleship
Africa Inland Mission—Kenya

Scheel, Daniel & Kim construction / medical
SIM—Langano, Ethiopia


Asia & Australia

Finn, Jake & Honah counseling
One Mission Society—Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lapada, Sonny & Annabel translation, training
Wycliffe Bible Translators—Palawan, Philippines

Muhling, Kent & Yuko church planting
SIM/Asian Access—Sendai, Japan

Pehrson, Ben & Mandy translation, training
Wycliffe Bible Translators—Papua New Guinea

Raney, Jonathan & Cindee administration
Missionary Aviation Fellowship—Jakarta, Indonesia

Ruch, Mark & Tammy counseling / translation team leadership
Wycliffe Bible Translators—Manila, Philippines

Tully, Frank & Debbie young adult discipleship
The Navigators—Sydney, Australia

Van Zante, Brian & Margery campus ministry
Navigators—Shizuoka, Japan

Wyse, Beth onboarding of new missionaries



Conway, Kevin & Rahela theological education
Cru—Budapest, Hungary

Durance, George & Beverley educational mobilization
TeachBeyond—London, UK / Bloomingdale, IL

Dunckel, Josh & Kara missionary mobilization
ReachGlobal—Bucharest, Romania  

Frank, David & Debbie camping ministry, leadership
Greater Europe Mission—Girona, Spain

Frank, Jeremy & Sylvia camping ministry, graphic design, digital media
Greater Europe Mission—Girona, Spain

Gundy, Eric & Kathy camping ministry, school of discipleship
International Teams—Erseka, Albania

Hancik, Marek & Julie church planting
Titus International—Zelezne, Czech Republic

Hill, Christine special education
TeachBeyond—Kandern, Germany

Kurth, Karen outreach, radio 
Greater Europe Mission—Deva, Romania

Lundell, Mihai & Tammy outreach, training
One Challenge International—Sibiu, Romania

Macris, Johnathan & Miriam leadership, outreach, disciple-making
Hellenic Ministries—Athens, Greece

Macris, Justin & Evangelia  communications, church planting, outreach
Hellenic Ministries—Athens, Greece

McAuley, Thad & Joy leadership, church planting
Greater Europe Mission—Senlis, France

Moench, Meredith, refugee ministry
Operation Mobilization—Greece

MOVE team immigrant outreach
Greater Europe Mission—France, Spain, and Great Britain

Nichols, Greg & Debby leadership development
Greater Europe Mission—Prague, Czech Republic

Preston, Brent & Nicole leadership development
TEAM—Madrid, Spain

Rusu, Elisei & Adriana theological education
Romania Leadership Ministries—Bucharest, Romania

Welsh, David & Jennifer education
Cru—Budapest, Hungary


Latin America

Aspegren, Phil & Jill children at risk
Casa Viva—San José, Costa Rica

Cubas, Cesar & Grace community development
South America Mission—Puerto Supe, Peru

Griswell, Steve & Janice leadership, training
One Challenge International—Cuernavaca, Mexico

Hurst, Greg & Faith church planting
SIM—La Paz, Bolivia

Lowe, Mike & Peggy church planting, refugee outreach
ReachGlobal—Panama City, Panama

Pinto, Carlos & Becki counseling, missionary training
United World Mission (on loan to Reach Beyond)—Quito, Ecuador

Rhoads, Brad & Susan information technology
Missionary Aviation Fellowship—Latin America

Shedd, Daniel & Sheryl executive leadership
Reach Beyond (HCJB)—Quito, Ecuador

Skinner, Ryan & Kelly missions pastor, mobilization
Crossroads Bible Church—Panama City, Panama

Trautwein, Vic & Leslie children at risk
Kids Alive International—Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Van Zandbergen, Tracy education
Daystar Baptist Mission—Dominican Republic


North America

Adolph, Carolyn medical

Baird, Marcus & Beckie prison ministry
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry—Colorado Springs, CO

Beckley, Casey & Karen campus ministry leadership / discipleship
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship—Chicagoland

Birkey, Duane & Cheri photography, administration
Reach Beyond (HCJB)—Colorado Springs, CO

Browne, Nancy [Steve] administration
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship—San Francisco, CA

Curryer, Jeanie administration
One Challenge International—Colorado Springs, CO

Erickson, Paul & Linda  online learning
SIM (on loan to Missio Nexus)—Warrenville, IL

Hawkins, Scott & Jenny campus ministry
International Students, Inc.—Durham, NC

Horton, Annette administration
Africa Inland Mission—Florida

Jordan, Gene & Lynn human resources
Missionary Aviation Fellowship—Nampa, ID

Keller, Leon & Beth graphic arts, communications strategy
Greater Europe Mission—Whitewater, WI

Kornfield, Dave & Debra leadership development
One Challenge International—Pittsburgh, PA

Kriemelmeyer, Wayne & Katharine leadership, evangelism
Alpha USA—Lake County, IL

Linsz, Dan & Corrie missionary mobilization
SIM—Charlotte, NC

Kulakoff, Wally & Natasha mobilization, training
Mission Eurasia—Wheaton, IL

Nelson, Terrill & Roselyn disciple making, training 
SIM—Charlotte, NC

Raney, Paul & Carolyn missionary care, aviation

Stair, James & Vera administration
Wycliffe Bible Translators—Portland, OR

Stecca, David & Ruby video outreach to the deaf
Deaf Video Communications—Carol Stream, IL

Vannah, Stephen & Barbara missionary mobilization

Van Zante, Barbara campus ministry leadership  
The Navigators—Madison, WI


* In addition to the missionaries listed above, Wheaton Bible Church supports more than twenty families or individuals who serve in security-conscious/undisclosed regions of the world.

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