Volunteer Opportunities

God can use you! That is a bold statement, but it’s true. The Bible is full of stories of everyday people like you and me, who gave themselves fully to God—and in turn He used them to do amazing things. They participated with God in His ongoing work to bring a lost world back under His care. We have the same opportunity today! This kind of work is not a solo endeavor. Church is a team sport, each one of us doing what we do best—each one of us doing what needs to be done. That is the biblical model.

At Wheaton Bible Church, we have many places where you can use your time and talent to participate in God’s ongoing work. Below are just a few of our top needs, but they are part of a larger list of opportunities throughout the church. If you don’t see something that sparks your interest here, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Willemssen, at kwillemssen@wheatonbible.org or 630.876.6679, to explore other options.

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