Sunday Morning

In order to provide the best experience for those with special needs, we offer both inclusion-style and self-contained classrooms. We work with each family to find the most appropriate place to support the individual with special needs in their faith journey, allowing parents to worship with the church body. We also have a sensory room for those who could benefit from a short break.

In our inclusion-style classrooms, we offer a buddy to help each child engage within the typical classroom setting.

In our self-contained classrooms, our teachers use techniques and interventions specifically designed for those with special needs, while buddies help them participate in the Bible lesson and activities.


Self-contained class for children and teens, Sunday mornings at 9:45 am–11:00 am. (We will not have the 11:15 class in July.)


Self-contained class for teens and adults to engage in Bible lessons through songs, activities, and learning centers, Sunday mornings, 9:45 am hour only.


Small group for students and adults who are cognitively at junior high grade level or higher, but need a smaller learning environment for worship, prayer, and Bible study, Sunday mornings, 9:45 am hour only.

For more information about our Special Needs ministry, contact Holly Kitchens, Special Needs Ministry Coordinator, 630.876.6622,

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