Preparation for Marriage

So you are about to embark on the biggest day of your life and you have spent hours planning each and every detail of your wedding. But how much time and energy have you spent planning to live with your fiancé for the rest of your life? The Bible has lots to say about how husbands and wives are to live together as God designed. Why not join us for a 8-week Preparation for Marriage class with topics including: marriage God’s way, finances, communication, sex/family planning, roles in marriage, the mission of your marriage, and forgiveness. Various WBC pastors and leaders will join us as we address these subjects, along with time you'll spend in small groups with “marriage mentors” who will help you apply the material you are learning.

The class is $35 per person/$70 per couple which covers all your materials, a preparation-for-marriage assessment, and refreshments. It will be the best investment you can make in starting your marriage off on the right path!

Summer Intensive Class: 
Video Teaching 

Wednesdays, July 19–August 16, 2017
6:30–9:00 pm

Note: This class will offer the same material as our fall Preparation for Marriage class,  but in fewer weeks, so it will be a lot to process as a couple in a shorter time frame.  This class is for those couples who have summer/fall weddings, who are unable to attend the fall class.

Fall Class:
Live Teaching

Sundays, October 1–November 19, 2017
11:10 am–12:40 pm 

Note:  We ask that you choose this class over the summer class, if at all possible.

2017 Fall Preparation for Marriage Class Registration

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