Many of us spend more time working than anything else we do. So, for those who follow Christ, how does our work connect with our faith, especially if it's the activity in which we spend most of our waking hours?

God created work, and before sin entered the world, God declared it "good." Our Faith and Work ministry provides opportunities to explore biblically based answers to questions including:

  • Does your work matter? How do you find purpose and meaning in your work?
  • How does a Christian define success at work?
  • Do you feel called and sent to do the work you do?
  • How does the Gospel being the center of your life impact your work?
  • How do you integrate your faith into your work?

As you explore and integrate your faith in Christ with your daily work, we offer several different resources to help in this important area of discipleship. 


This 10-week, video curriculum for small groups or individuals, features an array of experts and leaders on faith and work, and helps challenge the ways we think about the work we perform each day—in the business world, at home, at school, and even in retirement. For more information, contact Becky Anderson or Mark Irvin.

Redeeming Work: Work, Culture, and the Gospel (sermon series)

Watch this sermon series from WBC Senior Pastor Rob Bugh, which invites each believer to see their daily work for the glory of God and for the blessing of others.

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Gotham Fellowship

This nine-month, intensive training program is designed to equip men and women for Gospel leadership in their workplace and beyond. Primarily offering content in the three areas of theological training, spiritual and personal development, and community formation, here is what current participants are saying:

"My boss told me he has noticed a change in me since I started Gotham. This opened the door to discussions about my faith."

"I clearly see that God is calling me to be intentional and participate in a school district with many minorities verses run to a district that is predominately Christian."

"Outside of my decision to accept Christ, my wedding, and the birth of my children, Gotham has been the most influential thing in my life."

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