Summer Sundays

For five to six weeks each summer, all our Sunday morning Adult Classes join together for a special series—on a topic of shared interest, with a team of gifted communicators. Along with those who are regularly a part of an Adult Class—others are invited to join in these gatherings as well—bringing adults of different ages and stages together for shared community and teaching.

Together, Not the Same 

God in His wisdom, created each individual with his or her own unique personality, characteristics, gifts, likes, and dislikes. He loves diversity! But He also calls His people to unity—to live and serve and worship together. That was the truth celebrated and explored over the five weeks of combined Adult Communities during the summer of 2016.
Listen to selected Summer Sunday messages:

Together | Different Expressions of Worship
Worship and Creative Arts Pastor Brian Hogan

Together | Different Generations
Outreach and Teaching Pastor Lon Allison

Together | Different Campuses
Streamwood Campus Pastor Wil Franco

Together | Different Ethnicities
Iglesia del Pueblo Lead Pastor Hanibal Rodriguez


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