Brunch With A Missionary February 13, 2018

Why would a young adult choose to leave a good job as an occupational therapist to relocate to one of the poorest nations in Africa as a medical missionary? We'll find the answer to that question at our upcoming brunch as we meet Justine Rehak—a millennial who has served short-term in five African nations and deploys this spring as a career missionary to a hospital in the largely Muslim nation of French-speaking Niger in West Africa.

Learn how Justine came to faith on a college campus, why she has a heart for the medically vulnerable, and be amazed at her resourcefulness in using occupational therapy in a greatly under-resourced setting. Plus, celebrate WBC sending our first missionary from our Tri-Village campus, a congregation which Justine helped to launch. 

Register online, in the Global Outreach Center, or by calling Jan Sokoloski, 630.876.6630. A $5 donation for the brunch is appreciated. Complimentary childcare is available, but advance sign-up is required.

Event Details

Day: Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Time: 9:30 am
Contact: Jan Sokoloski


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