Searchlight Forum May 08, 2017

Our Relationships: How to Keep Old Friends and Make New Ones

Don Adams believes that the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships—beginning with our relationship with the Lord. Involved with the Dale Carnegie organization for over thirty years, Don is the owner and CEO of Dale Carnegie/ Chicago, one of ten largest Carnegie franchises in their worldwide network. In his role,
he has made a career of understanding how to make friends and influence others through the power of relationship.

Come—and bring a friend—as we explore these topics and more: 

  • Why is communicating with some people more challenging than others?
  • Is our ability to build relationship “hard-wired,” or can we learn to make positive changes?
  • What perception of you would you like the most important people in your life to have?
  • How can you become more intentional about the impression you create for others?  

Advanced sign-up is necessary, but the program is free. Register online below, or contact Susan Hands or Annabel Garza at the Welcome Desk, 630.260.1600. Registration deadline for the luncheon is 5:00 pm on Friday, May 5.

Event Details

Day: Monday, May 08, 2017
Time: 9:30 am
Contact: John White


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